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WordPress is a great platform for content generation. VIA Studio created Silencio to make structuring content types even easier.

This starter theme was specifically built for Iterative Project Development. By rapidly prototyping in the browser, most content requirements can easily be solved using one of the features below.

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Silencio Features


Silencio’s foundation was built from Underscores and Bootstrap. We also include Font Awesome for icons. The template markup follows PSR2 standards, rather than WordPress conventions.

Theme Style

Silencio’s stylesheet is meant to be hacked. It includes files for layout and typography, as well as a variables file that calls mix-ins and other reusable patterns from Bootstrap. Gulp handles packaging it all together into a global CSS file.


There are four templates bundled with Silencio: Typography, UI Kit, and Full Width. Using the Typography and UI Kit templates, the designer and developer can style all available type and bootstrap outputs in the browser. They can be removed from the project once design is complete. The Full Width Template can be used for content pages that do not include a sidebar.

Theme Options

Using WordPress’ Customizer, you can easily add social profiles and address information to the footer. This can be expanded further in the theme options file found in the functions folder.

Meta Boxes

We’ve incorporated the CMB2 for easily adding custom meta-boxes to projects. The framework is very extensible.


Our Gulp config compiles LESS to CSS for local development. For production deploys, all resources get concatenated and minified into a build folder.


Included are Children Pages and Category Posts widgets. They give you more options than the standard WordPress counterparts. Category Posts let you choose the categories from which you’d like to display entries. Children Pages displays all child pages of the current parent. If there are no children, nothing is displayed.


The functions file contains all our best practices, refactoring reusable pieces into their own components, included in the /res folder.

Functionality refactored into pluggable components:
  • Template Tags
  • Shortcodes (including bootstrap grid elements)
  • Custom Widgets
  • Excerpts
  • TinyMCE
  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Jetpack Controls
Other Functionality:
  • Sidebar/Widget Areas per template
  • Custom Client User Role
  • Debugging Variables Helper

Recommended Plugins

Support Silencio

Silencio is an open-source project, carrying the MIT License. Please contribute and send us your pull requests!

Also, feel free to use one of the following methods to recommend Silencio to any of your WordPress friends.

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